Appreciate My Life: Sunday

Today wasn’t good, it was awesome and I probably would have never realized it had I not taken a serious moment to reflect on it.

Water: the Finale

At the end of the day, drinking water isn’t going to be the self-care panacea that gives me the joy and comfort I seek.

Thursday: Drinking Water

Every time I take a sip of water, or run to the restroom ready to pee my pants, I am reminded that I’m being kind to myself .

Monday: Water

When peeing is self care, well – that’s an easy day.

Sunday: Water

I can go nowhere that is further than five feet from a bathroom.

Tuesday: Affirmations

My brain just can’t process this many words from memory – unless it’s ALL the dialogue to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Monday: Affirmations

Babies, I’m pretty sure affirmations are not going to be my thing. I’m so over them already.

Saturday: Tidy the House

I guess, if I had to sum it up in a neat and tidy bow, this week has taught me that I need to get a whole helluva lot healthier about asking for what I want.